April 11, 2012

A Celebration of Bob Marley's Fashion Legacy

Last night I joined Midtown Girl and several other bloggers for a celebration of Bob Marley's fashion legacy. We got to watch a preview of "Marley: The Definitive Story" a documentary about the icon, which will be in limited released on April 20th in theaters as well as available on Video on Demand.

Cedella via Skype

After the end of the film we got to live chat via Skype with one of his daughters, Cedella Marley, who is a fashion designer at Zion's Roots Wear. She is heavily influenced by her father and the Jamaican style. She says she likes to design for "women who are beautiful and can kick ass." She also had the opportunity to design the 2012 Olympic uniforms for the Jamaican team. She sewed in quotes from her father on the jackets "so that he can be on their shoulder with them at all times" (and because the Olympics wouldn't let her put them on the outside). She is so gorgeous and doing a terrific job carrying on her father's legacy.

Bob Marley iconic style
Sexy swimwear designed by Cedella

There was delicious Jamaican style food by Miss Lily's here in New York.

Cedella kindly gave us all Bob Marley tote bags, a makeup bag as well as a T-shirt from one of her collections. I can't wait to wear it!

Congrats Amy on another successful Socialista NY event!


  1. very cool
    son1 is a huge Marley fan
    this summer they had a special section at the Grammy museum for him
    couldn't get son1 out of there.

    1. Oh really... he should definitely check out the documentary then!

  2. Bob Marley is truly a legend! I like the swimwear, but the dresses are a tad too bright for my liking:)

    1. Yes he is! haha you could totally pull it off ;)

  3. Thanks for posting it. I love her bathing suits. They will be perfect this summer. I am planning to hit the beach and I am looking for one rigth now. Keep up the good work dear.

    1. Ooh would love to see you in one of her bathing suits!


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