March 26, 2012

Starlet vs Streetwalker: Leggings Edition

One of my favorite shows Fashion Police on E! has a game called "Starlet or Streetwalker?" which shows that there is a fine line between high-end fashion and highly unfortunate. I thought a great way to demonstrate how a fashionable look can go wrong is with leggings. Nicole Richie is one my favorite people who wears leggings. She does it so effortlessly while Katie Price on the other hand tries to be too sexy.

Here's what Nicole did right:

Do cover your butt. No matter how fantastic it is, leggings are not pants so wear a long shirt like Nicole did. She even layered tops!

Don't show off too much. Leggings are a slimming bottom so Nicole paired it with a great casual tee. You're not too distracted with where to put your eyes unlike with Katie.

Keep the look cohesive. Nicole kept her look casual but Katie is wearing a casual top with night time heels and makeup. With that in mind...

Keep the makeup simple. If you're going casual (which leggings typically are), don't go overboard on makeup!

Too much sexy is not sexy. I think Nicole looks gorgeous, you can see her small frame. Katie is letting too much show and it doesn't look attractive.

Well that was Kim's mini-lesson on how to wear leggings...

Now don't let RuPaul catch you ladies!


  1. I totally agree. Leggings are not pants. Period.

  2. i agree, not to mention Katie's hair is also a little over the top! Nicole did it perfectly!

  3. Loved this post. I disagree about leggings not being pants, but I agree about covering your butt. I always do it, even if I'm just wearing jeans. But I guess that has more to do with my butt than the leggings!

    1. haha if they're thin and you can see your pantyline... then cover your butt!

  4. I totally agree with your points. Leggings are NOT pants!

  5. Sounds like a great game to play. I'm not a fan of leggings, but have to admit that Nicole looks amazing in hers though.

  6. As my friend always says, "Leggings are not a right, they're a privilege" lol!


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  7. leggings can be kind of tricky, but always wear a longer top or sweater dress with them.

    xo Lisa

  8. Love Nicole's look - she can do no wrong!! And totally agree with the leggings rules! Always cover the bum!!

    xo, sam


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