March 21, 2012

My St. Patrick's Day Mystery Julep Maven Box

I finally received my mystery Julep Maven box. Unfortunately, it didn't arrive by St. Patrick's Day but it was a great box. I feel like I get more in my mystery boxes than my usual monthly box. Doesn't it look like a lot?

I'm not complaining just curious why there's a difference in the amount of products. I received 4 chocolate coins (love these things!), 4 nail polishes (which are $14 each), their Anti-Aging Mani Care Set and a crystal nail file. In total, it was approximately $100 worth of products. Great deal!

Anti-Aging Mani Care Set includes Glycolic Hand Scrub (1 fl oz) and Age Defying Hand Brightener (1 fl oz). I'm excited to try the crystal nail file, it supposedly helps smooth the ends of your nails plus it looks super fancy.

L-R: Sofia, Hayden, basecoat, Melissa
The 4 nail polishes I received were:

Sofia is a sheer green with a flash of aqua sparkle glitter
Hayden which is described as a neon peach
Base coat
- Melissa is a sheer opalescent shimmer color which I'll probably layer with another color

I didn't get a chance to swap them because my nails are currently painted - tune in Friday!


  1. This is a great mystery box, I like the iridescent colour you received! I have purchased 2 of these, the first one from XMAS was awesome! I got 7 new nail polish colours, I think I must have gotten the $200 box. I bought the v-day was nice but not as great as my first one!

  2. Great box! I got pretty much the same thing, except two of my polishes are different colors than those you received. I love it!
    Smart n Snazzy

  3. So many nice things, I love the iridescent polish and the crystal file:) It must be lovely having those boxes coming every month!

  4. Super jealous that you got the base coat!!!! I just made a blog post for my mystery box :) Check it out if you want!

  5. Heheh, have you tried Sofia's got a bit of a surprise to it--they didn't mention that it glows in the dark!


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