March 19, 2012

My March MyGlam Bag

Well look what came in the mail! Just when I thought my MyGlam bag was lost... it shows up. The tracking information reported it delivered on Thursday but I hadn't received it but then it showed up randomly on Saturday. I've heard they've had issues with shipping. The "theme" of the bag was repairing and restoring your skin after a long harsh winter. The bag is a cute nature looking bag. I was looking forward to a new one since the zipper broke on my last one. The card included ALL the items you MAY receive so it looked like a lot but actually wasn't that much.

All the paperwork

I received:

  • Pur-lisse Pur-Protect SPF 30 Essential Daily Moisturizer sample. I have never heard of this brand but I like any moisturizer with SPF.
  • Murad Eye Lift Perfector. This sample is SO tiny. I thought it was an under eye cream but it's actually a concealer.
  • Pur-lisse Pur-Lip Comfort Daily Lip Nourisher. This was the only full size sample but it's a lip product so it's small. I'm addicted to lip products so I'll let you know how this one turns out.
  • Keracolor Color Enhancing Leave-In Treatment. I don't have colored/treated hair so I'm going to pass this along.
  • Additional: $25 gift card to DermStore. I've never shopped there so I don't know if I'll be using this.

I also received this exclusive Classic Crease Brush & Case handpicked by Michelle Phan. It's a nice case and I'm interested to try the brush since Michelle is a beauty guru.

I was quite disappointed because MyGlam claims to give full size samples but this was 3 mini samples, one "full size" and a coupon. I could only get 2 uses from the moisturizer and just one from the eye lift perfector. I'm going to give them one more month to impress me otherwise I'm canceling.

What did you get in your bag?


  1. That's kind of how I feel about it, too. I do really like the brush and case, though, but these samples...ehhhh.

    I just renewed my Birchbox subscription and am much happier with it!

    1. I wish Birchbox stepped it up just A LITTLE bit then I'd be completely dedicated to them but sometimes their boxes are complete misses :/

  2. Those definitely aren't full sized samples though I like the variety. Thanks for the review!

    Chic 'n Cheap Living

  3. Those are definitely not full size samples! Thanks for the review. I never know if I should try these monthly subscriptions.

    1. Birchbox and Sample Society are the better of all of them but no one has quite mastered it


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