March 9, 2012

Lady Inspiration Week: 60 and Up

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We've come to the end of Lady Inspiration Week and we're finishing with the ladies who are old enough to retire but still put the girls half their age to shame showing age is just a number!

Tina Turner is a personal hero of mine because she walked away from an abusive husband and never looked back. Her career took off after she left Ike in the dust. She's had a steady music career spanning over 50 years (which is something most artists can't say), she's won 8 Grammys and is inducted into the Rock 'n Roll Hall of Fame. She's still fierce and fabulous at 72!

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Gloria Steinem is a feminist that all young women should admire. She talked about the women's movement during the '70s in a recent HBO documentary "In My Own Words" and even though she was type casted as the "pretty feminist" she didn't let that deter her from helping women gain the rights they deserved. Even at 77 she continues to be a powerhouse for the movement.

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Anjelica Huston is a rare breed in Hollywood today. She started as a model for American designer Halston and then studied acting. I'll always love her as Etheline Tenenbaum in one of my favorite movies of all time, The Roya TennenbaumsShe has been nominated for countless awards (but has only won one) and does great work around the world. And from what I can tell she's aged gracefully which more women should be doing these days.

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Hillary Clinton is a political figure I am proud of (which is hard to say). I'm so proud of her for fighting in Washington for the people who don't have a voice. Unfortunately, politicians these days get voted and then seem to forget about those who voted for them. Say what you want about her, but Hillary has held her own in a dog eats dog all boys game. She doesn't get the respect she deserves but I'll keep championing for her.

Also, Made to Travel mentioned a great movie project "The Real Rosie Riveter Project" which features women who entered the workforce in World War II. I highly recommend watching it!

Thanks for reading Lady Inspiration Week and hopefully you learned something! 


  1. YES!

    totally inspired by these ladies.

    and every time i see tina turner i am in awe, so so rocks!

  2. I so agree with you. I love miss Turner. The young women especially the young performers have nothing on this woman. She is still rock&roll at her age. Gotta love and respect her for it. Kimberlee, it is always a pleasure when you visit. I have been on your blog many times and I can truly say that I LOVE it.


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