March 8, 2012

Lady Inspiration Week: 50 Somethings

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Happy International Women's Day! It lines up wonderfully with Lady Inspiration Week. Today we focus on the 50 something year olds:

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Amy Goodman is the executive producer of independent news program, Democracy Now!. She's received various awards for her journalism and has penned 4 best selling books. You would think that would keep her busy, nope! She's continuously out the streets of grassroots movements like Occupy Wall Street reporting on the issues the major news media aren't reporting on. She's an overall badass and personal hero of mine.

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Sheryl WuDunn, author of one of my favorite books Half of the Sky, is continuing to do great work with women by helping fund companies founded by women. She is also the first Asian American to win a Pulitzer Prize. She goes around speaking about the injustices women face around the world with the message that "women are not the problem. They are the solution." I love it!

Ameena Matthews is what is called a "violence interrupter" in Chicago with a group called CeaseFire. Her group was featured in the award winning documentary The Interrupters showing the amazing work they're doing to end gang violence among young people, which is increasing at an alarming rate. She is the daughter of a former gang leader who fought against addiction to turn her life around and help her community. I highly recommend watching the documentary.

Who else would you add to the list?

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