March 5, 2012

Lady Inspiration Week: 20 Somethings

In honor of National Women's History Month, I decided to dedicate a week to ladies on my blog. Rather than do something like "Man Candy Week" and point out my girl crushes. I thought it would be better to shine the spotlight on some fabulous women who are breaking grounds in their own fields and for women around the world. 
These women make no apologies for who they are, nor should they. They have their own individual style. They stand out among the noise of women being overtly sexual and use their brains to make a difference and contribute to society. I broke it down by age to show that age is just a number and to show you that it's never too late to be great! Now let's start with the 20 something year olds:

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Shelby Knox is a feminist organizer who is doing tremendous work to help bring awareness to injustices around the world. She was featured in the film "The Education of Shelby Knox" because at 15 years old she was trying to persuade her Texas Baptist school to stop teaching abstinence. When you've become best friends with Gloria Steinem, it's pretty safe to say you've made it in the feminism world.

Alyssa Bisanz is a junior at Arizona State University who is focused on addressing the minority drop-out problem facing our country. All her hard work recently earned her the prestigious Truman Scholarship, which is the country's highest leadership undergraduate award and given to only 65 juniors in the country who show potential to make a difference in public service.

Allie Francis is working hard to eliminate nuclear weapons around the world. She founded a local chapter of Global Zero at her university. She has given speeches at United Nations' International Day of Peace events. Oh... and she also received a hand written letter from President Bill Clinton when she was younger about her efforts. That's some motivation!

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Allison Kilkenny (who has her birthday this week!) is also one of the founding members of my favorite podcasts, Citizen Radio. Her and her husband, Jamie Kilstein (a comedian), were able to create a completely member supported show without any corporate sponsors to influence their reporting. I highly encourage you to check it out to get real news that the major media isn't covering. They did great ground work covering Occupy Wall Street and the Occupy movements around the world. She is also a contributor to In These Times and The Nation. My favorite is that G. Gordon Liddy (who is a convicted Watergate criminal) said "Allison Kilkenny's writing makes me want to vomit" and she brags about it.

There are plenty more to add to the list. So, who would you add?

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  1. Excellent post, I'm glad you chose to do something different than man candy and girl crushes! Thanks for sharing!

    1. haha well I'm glad someone likes it and hopefully you learned something :)

  2. Great inspirational!


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