March 25, 2012

Great Reads of the Week

Here's a round up of posts I enjoyed reading this week:

- Gala Darling discusses how wearing 5 inch heels and dyeing your hair pink doesn't mean you can't empower women to love themselves.

- Shrimp Salad Circus turned boring flats into neon beauties - I must give this a try!

- Stylish Thought explores why women aren't happy being single anymore.

- I cancelled my MyGlam after just 2 months, Haute Doll's post definitely helped the decision process.

I'm heading down to Jersey today to visit my grandma who just got out of the hospital. What are your weekend plans?


  1. Oooh some interesting thought provoking reads here - I will definitely dip into some of these - thanks for sharing and hope you are having a good weekend - enjoy spending time with your grandma!

  2. aahhh thank you for the kind of shout out? lol c:

  3. I can't wait to read some of these articles.

  4. Great links, thanks for sharing! And I hope your grandma is doing well:)


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