March 22, 2012

Check Me Out on Betty Confidential Today!

I had the pleasure of being featured as one of the 11 Stylish Bloggers Who Dish on Their Fave Spring Fashion Trends. I talked about my love of mint this season! So much so I even created a Pinterest board about it. Here's some of the mint inspirations I've pinned:


            Source: via Kimberlee on Pinterest

              Source: via Kimberlee on Pinterest

Check out what the other bloggers are loving this season. What spring trends are you looking forward to?


  1. sweet!

    nice picks.

    i so love mint, in every possible way!

  2. Mint is actually really fresh, and though it gave me a slight flash-back to th 80's at first, it's starting to grow on me:) I'm looking forward to wear a few tangerine pieces this spring, and I love the all-white trend for summer!

  3. I love the 3rd picture. I want a pair of pants just like that <3


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