March 10, 2012

7 Lessons Bloggers Can Learn From Carrie Bradshaw

Carrie Bradshaw hard at work

I was having dinner with my dad and his former boss recently and she said that I reminded her of Carrie Bradshaw with my working from home and all (or I like to think it was because of my big bun and statement accessories). Now I didn't move to NYC aspiring to be like Carrie Bradshaw (I hadn't even watched the show) but I know many women did. I grew up wanting to come to New York and hadn't started watching the series until I was already living in the city. Although Carrie Bradshaw is a fictional character, her dreams and aspirations are very real for many of us bloggers.

1. Always dress up for work, even when you work from home. One of the pitfalls of working at home is that you can fall into that sweatpants and pajamas uniform. However, dressing up can make you feel more professional and therefore act more professional. You should also take those online relationships to the next level and meet in person so you should be prepared in a fabulous outfit.

2. Make friends with someone in PR. Samantha Jones was Carrie's ticket to all the great events in New York: restaurant openings, fashion shows, etc. As bloggers it is essential to maintain relationships with PR firms if you ever want to be taken seriously. Plus, it doesn't hurt that they know how to get into all the best events.

3. Be confident in yourself. While Carrie didn't have the best relationship with men, she knew who she was as a writer. She pounded the New York City pavement in her Manilo Blahnik stilettos knowing who she was and it showed in her column. (Although who wouldn't feel confident in those amazing shoes?)

4. Don't shy away from personal topics. She was a sex columnist for goodness sake! Although I want my blog to be professional, it is still my personal blog. Occasionally I like to discuss a topic that is personal to me so that my readers feel like they know me. You also have to be wary of over sharing.

5. Always have the laptop ready! You never know when an idea may strike you so it's good to have something to jot your idea down on. I know I get a lot of ideas right when I'm about to fall asleep so I keep my phone next to my bed. Speaking of smart phones..

I wish my vacations were this lavish

6. Break away from technology. Sex and the City took place before cell phones invaded our lives and Carrie was hesitant to even get one. She enjoyed her personal home phone and even though her job was a writer, she knew she had to disconnect to inspire her writing. She would often take trips with the girls where there wasn't a laptop in sight.

7. Turn your blog (or column) into a book deal. You can go beyond your wildest imaginations. Many bloggers are getting book deals these days and you can even publish your own like Modly Chic and Dress With Courage did. It is a much more realistic goal than it was even 5 years ago.

What lessons did you learn from Carrie? Did she inspire your blog?

After writing this post I did some research and found that Dramatis Personae wrote a similarly titled article for IFB. The lessons are different BUT still great ones too!


  1. Thanks for sharing this! 'Carrie' is my idol. ;) These were all very helpful tips!


  2. This was a great read! Thanks for sharing this!

    I need to put #1 into practice and stop dressing in sweats during my "home office" days lol :-)

  3. Such a great post! Carrie Bradshaw (aka writer Candace Bushnell) is such an inspiration to the bloggers and work-from-home freelance writers of NYC in so many ways. xx

  4. many good advice indeed! really need to take trip with my girls soon! ;)

  5. Aww.. Thanks for the shout-out!! Love these tips. This is such a great list and one that we could all use to remember from time to time. - Katy

  6. This is an awesome post. I love 1,2 and 3, the most!

  7. I've never seen an episode of SATC but these tips are great. It's so useful having a friend in PR. And it was actually last night that I decided I need to disconnect more. From next Sunday (not today!!) I'm going to have a 'no laptop sunday'.

  8. I loved watching SATC and Carrie was my favourite character although I thougt she was a bit stupid the way she handled her romantic relationships.....Great blogging tips, even if my blog is just a hobby and not anywhere near professional:)

  9. Great post and all so true. I love #6, taking a break is so essential to be inspired.

  10. oh man, i haven't watched satc in forever. i don't know if anybody would agree with me, but if i watch too much of it, it kind of annoys me. in short little segments, it is great! i'm ready for it again!
    love this post. as a new blogger, it is good advice!

  11. ps this post has inspired me to follow you on bloglovin. looking forward to reading more!

  12. I really like tip #1. I spend a lot of time at school, and I try to use it as a reason to get dressed up and take outfit pics!

    true queen


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