February 12, 2012

RIP Whitney Houston

Wow, a post I didn't think I'd ever be writing. Then again I thought that about Amy Winehouse. She was only 48. She was one of the best selling artists of our time with over 170 million albums sold worldwide. Her accomplishments are staggering: 6 Grammys, 30 Billboard Awards, 22 American Music Awards, and 2 Emmys. She captured our hearts in the '80s as a sweet girl singing "I Wanna Dance With Somebody."

Unfortunately, she fell in love with a man who ultimately destroyed her career. Yes, all people should be capable of making their own decisions and it was Whitney's choice to do those drugs but I definitely feel she was heavily influenced by Bobby Brown. They haven't confirmed the cause of death but she relapsed in May and went back to rehab. There usually is only one reason why someone dies so young. I really hope Nick Cannon keeps Mariah Carey out of trouble because she's one of the last great voices we have left in this lip syncing, auto-tuned society.

Now, in memory of Whitney... one of the best songs ever that no one else could sing like her:

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  1. It is so sad, it sometimes feels like being a celebrity, or incredibly talented like Whitney Houston brings more sadness than it does joy.

    1. Definitely don't wish to have the life of a celebrity - seems so sad and lonely :(

  2. I was really shocked and saddened by her death. I was rooting for Whitney to pull through and really get through her addiction & be the Whitney we all remember her to be. A woman of great talent. I almost started crying since it reminded me so much of my childhood & listening to her incessantly singing her songs. Going to miss her. R.I.P. Whitney.


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