February 9, 2012

Review: Korres Lip Butter

While shopping at Trader Joe's my mother graciously picked up a few organic beauty products including this Korres Lip Butter. I'm a lip product junkie. I have AT LEAST three lip products in my purse at all times. I've heard great things about Korres products and have always wanted to try the brand. I'm also a huge guava fan so it was a great flavor to try... or so I thought.

It came in a sleek box.

They described the product on the side.

Without any product
Don't mind my dry lips. I only took the picture to show how white the product made my lips once I applied it. See below:

With product on
I really disliked that the product went on white rather than blending into a clear color. It claims to be clear on the Sephora website. It made me look silly. My friend also mentioned she tried a berry color that was heavily tinted and looked unnatural on her lips. I would have really enjoyed this product if it weren't for the ugly coloring of my lips.

  • All-natural products are used
  • Comes in a great travel container
  • I love everything guava but found nothing guava about this product
  • Highly pigmented in color whether it's white or berry (I prefer a more natural looking color or clear)
  • Not a lot of product for the price
Would I buy this product again? Not likely.

Have you used this product? What are your thoughts?


  1. hi, thanks for your sweet comment on my blog!!! great review, I had never heard of this brand. I am happy to be your newest follower!! xx Alice Barton ♥ The Mow Way

  2. This is a really good review! I'm sad to see more cons than pros, but I do appreciate an honest review.

    1. I wanted to love it but quite frankly felt like I could get more from my Aquaphor :/

  3. They don't have that at the Trader Joe's by my house. Too bad!

  4. Try another color! That one is just a dud.

    1. I didn't find it very moisturizing and my friend didn't like the berry one so I think I'll stick with my Aquaphor :)

  5. I bought it at Sephora because I read a good review of it, and because SO few lip products seem to moisturize at all. (No, really!) I don't care for the white color, either, but I just use it at night or if I'm staying in. (Oddly, I was more scared away by the fake looking colors than by the creepy white). I do think the product is more moisturizing than many other lip balms. Of course, that's not saying a whole lot. (Seriously, what is the problem? We can put people on the moon....)

    1. haha I didn't find it all that moisturizing. I much prefer my Aquaphor - have you tried that? I love it!

  6. Great review, I'm always looking for new lip products, so now I'll know the pros and cons of this product when I see it in the store!

    xo Gillie

  7. I have the Lip Butter in Jasmine and I really like it. I had no idea they were available at Trader Joe's! I love the Korres Vanilla Guava body lotion too :)

  8. This is the exact colour I was looking for! Are you crazy? It looks fantastic on you! Shiny but not unnatural at all. Tomorrow I'm going to a drugstore to buy it!


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