February 5, 2012

My Jason Wu For Target Purchases

Target has done it again! Another successful collaboration. Jason Wu is probably most known for his big fan in the White House, Michelle Obama. This was probably one of my favorite collaborations in awhile because I'd wear about 90% of the pieces unlike Liberty of London or Missoni where I'd only see myself wearing pieces mixed with my own wardrobe.

Now Target only hinted that the collection would be available early morning so around 11pm I was going to take a power nap so I could get up like 5am. Luckily my friend texted me around 2am that people were tweeting about the collection being up. I jumped out of bed like it was Christmas morning! However, unlike Missoni they only released a few pieces at a time. About an hour later the entire collection was up. I will give props to whom ever was running the @TargetStyle Twitter account as they would tweet out a link to an item as it was available all while answering customer service questions. I wasn't too much of a fan of releasing the items gradually as people said they were losing items in their cart since that didn't reserve them. But at least the site didn't crash. You received free shipping with any order over $50, so with just 2 items you could easily meet the mark. I read people tweeting about losing items in their cart so I was in such a rush to checkout that I forgot to look at the accessories (woops!). Probably for the best since I didn't need to be spending like crazy.

Two items that I wanted were not available online:

Flared Dress in Cream with black belt; Short-sleeve tee in red/navy stripes

However, I did get to snag...

Blush blouse with polka dots; Lace pattern blush skirt

Did you score anything?

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  1. Oh nice, I love the navy colors and stripes! :)

    1. Yes it's super cute - hope to score it in stores!

  2. Stumbled upon your great blog and just wanted to leave a comment to invite you to visit my blog and enter my GIVEAWAY! Hope to see you soon =)
    Just Tututiny

  3. Love the blouse that you picked up. Both are perfect for spring!

  4. The dress is just too cute <3

  5. I went to my local Target because I was worried about fit. I didn't get anything because the sizes were weird. I didn't see that white dress in my store and it was something I wanted along with the flower dress in your first pick. Love your skirt that you picked up!

  6. Cute blouse. I saw that it also comes in navy so I hope it's at my local Target tomorrow. I also really want the cat tote or t-shirt.

  7. Cute buys! I def forgot about the collection and missed it! But am probably better off bc i neef to stop shopping!


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