February 20, 2012

My First MyGlam Bag!

I signed up with MyGlam after reading so many wonderful things in the blogosphere. It was founded by beauty blogger, Michelle Phan. It costs the same as Birchbox ($10 a month) but you supposedly get larger samples and a bag. My February bag was super cute with polka dot hearts, which went with the Valentine's theme.

They include a card describing the theme and include a description of the products on the back (much like Birchbox):

It was Valentine's Day themed so they included Ghirardelli chocolates (yum!). My Julep Maven Valentine's Day box included a chocolate as well. Birchbox didn't include any treats in their February box.

My bag included the following:

X Out Shine Control. Some Influenster's received this in their Vox Boxes, I didn't qualify because I wasn't under 21. It's an oil-free moisturizer that is meant to help teenagers combat acne since it's by ProActiv. However, I'm looking forward to trying it since my skin can be picky!

NYX Roll On Shimmer in Onyx (full size). This shimmering powder can be applied to the eyes, face and body. However, since I received a dark grey color... I'll only be using it on my eyes. Receive 30% with code: GLAMMENYX.

Premier Dead Sea Instant Stretching and Revitalizing Mask and Moisture Complex. I received two small samples. The Instant Stretching and Revitalizing Mask is known as the "Cinderella Mask" because it transforms your skin, "wrinkles become firmer and fine lines instantly tighten." It lasts up to 12 hours. Receive 50% off with code: MYGLAM.

Freeman Facial Enzyme Mask in pineapple. I've never tried an enzyme mask before. The smell and texture was a little funky. It gently exfoliates but you still leave it on like a face mask to reveal softer skin. I wasn't that blown away by it.

And I also received a $100 gift card for NuMe professional styling tools and products. Coincidentally I just did a review of their petite flat iron!

Overall, it seemed like a pretty random bag of stuff. I wouldn't personally use all of the products. It seemed much more like a Vox Box than a beauty bag. I also didn't like receiving my bag towards the end of the month. I would say I'm not quite ready to give up on Birchbox and will give both one more month before deciding which I stick with (if either).

What did you get in your MyGlam bag this month?


  1. Yeah that seems more random than what I've heard, I do actually have the proactiv xout from the DIY project I did with them and I love using it as a mask.

  2. I love that I can see how all the subscription services are through you, lol. I feel like you have your hand in all of it!

  3. Rip off the label off of the X-Out. It's another product underneath!!!!!

  4. i was gonna subscribe to myglam until i heard how much the customer service sucks and many people haven't even gotten their bags and when they try to unsubscribe, they're still getting charged!
    and the same as the comment above, i saw a picture http://i41.servimg.com/u/f41/17/21/98/79/xout10.jpg
    that showed that the x-out thingie had a different label under it o_o


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