February 25, 2012

My Favorite Kind of Undies

Now this may be a TMI post but I've seen bloggers post their lingerie favorites so I thought I'd share mine! I have not worked my way up to fancy matching lace panties and bras. Aerie is my kind of underwear. Aerie for those who don't know are affiliated with American Eagle.

I'm a big fan of their boybrief cut, which are 95% cotton and 5% spandex so they provide some comfortable stretch to cover let's say "more junk the trunk" if you will. Victoria's Secret's boy shorts hardly cover anything for my behind. Aerie often have sales, like recently I scored 7 for $26, which came out to about $3 per underwear. Not too shabby! I find the nautical ones the cutest.

What is your favorite brand of underwear?


  1. I love Aerie too! I actually prefer them over Victoria Secret ones sometimes :) I once went to the Aerie store in Roosevelt Field Mall & they were giving our gift cards just for trying on some of their bras lol.

  2. Call me a creep but these undies are so you! Hahaha :)


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