February 7, 2012

Movie Review: The Artist

With 16 Oscar nominations... I felt compelled to see The Artist. Wow, what a powerful movie. In today's society most production companies don't think audiences will like a movie unless there are loud explosions. This black and white silent movie crushes that notion and shows that audience can appreciate the art of cinema in 2012.

It's the story of a famous actor in the late '20s named George Valentin played by Jean Dujardin when silent movies were popular. He meets a girl who is full of life and spunk named Peppy Miller played by Bérénice Bejo. She quickly climbs up the Hollywood ladder to star in her own films. After the stock market crashes the production company tells Mr. Valentin that silent movies are dead and people want something new and fresh. His love interest, Peppy Miller, is that new fresh face that pushes him out of the spotlight ultimately driving a wedge in their relationship.

Although there are few words presented on the screen, the music and acting really make you feel the emotions of the characters. The character played by Mr. Dujardin goes to a dark place and you almost feel more emotions because there are no words spoken. And even though the film is in black and white, set in the '30s with '30s costumes... something still felt fresh and modern about the movie. Perhaps because Americans faced a similar depression recently or because people are always struggling to find their artistic freedom. The storyline was very relatable to the 20th century.

John Goodman was an interesting choice since the cast consisted mostly of French actors. But I must say that the dog stole the show. I want a dog like that! I highly recommend seeing this movie but be prepared to silence your cell phones and not eat loud food.

Will you be seeing this movie? Any other Oscar nominated movies you recommend?

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