February 15, 2012

DIY: Chain Link Ribbon Bracelet

This DIY is so easy to do! I had a chain link bracelet from when I purchased a Bee's Charms bracelet but unfortunately the charms fell off. I loved the bracelet and already spent money on it so couldn't get rid of it. I always keep left over ribbon from presents (I'm a gift wrapping recycler) and found this gorgeous green ribbon lying around and thought I could do something with that!

  • Ribbon - I suggest using one that is about twice as long as long as the bracelet. It's better to start off long and cut off any extra at the end.
  • Chain link bracelet - Find the right ribbon size that will fit through the holes.
  • Tweezers & bobby pin - This helped me pull the ribbon through when my fingers couldn't grab it.

Push the ribbon through the first hole and pull with tweezers (if need be). I threaded it through every hole including the clasp because I didn't want that part dangling.

Once you get the ribbon through the hole - pull! Pull it all the way through leaving only what you'll need to tie the bracelet. It's so much easier to pull the fabric all the way through from the start so you don't have to go back and redo the steps if you're too short. Continue pushing and pulling the ribbon through the holes...

As I was going along I found it helpful to use the bobby pin to push the fabric through the hole and the tweezers for pulling.

All done! Now there was some frayed ribbon when I was finished, which I liked but you can clean it up with some scissors easily.

You can switch out the ribbon for other colors and fabrics to mix it up. Use black to make it edgy, or maybe some velvet for fall? Ideas are endless! This pastel color goes great for spring.

Would you wear this bracelet?

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  1. You make it look so easy. Definitely need to try it out!


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