February 25, 2012

Brand Review: AMBE

During Nolcha Fashion Week, there was a table display for AMBE skincare and attendees received a sample size of their full line of products. As a beauty junkie, I always enjoy learning and trying out new brands. Ambe was developed by plastic surgeon Dr. Milind K. Ambe who saw a need for safe skincare forumlas that produced results. Their products are "engineered to correct the multiple factors that contribute to the appearance of aged skin: wrinkles and fine lines, dullness, pore size, creeping, skin tone, dehydration, uneven pigmentation, age spots and rough texture."

My favorite products were:

- The Green Tea Toner which is a "vitamin and antioxidant rich formula that balances and clarifies your skin with daily use." I really enjoyed using this toner. I felt like it helped reduce the redness of my pimples without irritating my sensitive skin. 

- And the Porcelain Skin All In One Night Cream which contains "antioxidants and amino acids that repair damage and promote cell turnover. Continuous nightly use stimulates collagen and elastin, restoring youthful suppleness, radiance and glow." I was really impressed with this night cream even from the sample bottle I was able to use.

  • Great products in the collection such as the green tea toner and night cream.
  • Prescription strength without the prescription.
  • They do have an online store and shipping is only $5.95.
  • Definitely had an older lady scent to me (but I'm sensitive to the tea tree smell).
  • High price point. The night cream is $95.
Have you heard of this brand before? Would you give them a try?

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