February 21, 2012

7 Ways to Style Your Outgrown Bangs (UPDATED!)

We've all seen the video Shit Fashion Girls Say. That is definitely me about my relationship with bangs. I want bangs, I want bangs. I hate my bangs. I prefer bangs in the winter because I don't want them sweaty and sticking to my forehead in the summer. However, bangs are difficult to maintain especially when you don't have the thickest of hair. I tend to get lazy and let them overgrow. There's an awkward stage while your hair grows out as I'm sure every girl knows.

So I've come up with some creative ways to style my bangs while they grow out:

The most common is what I call the Gwen poof. You can tease or simply pin back the bangs. Bobby pins are your best friend.

Braid them to the side. This is my second favorite look because it looks like you put some effort in.

You can curl them so they blend in with your messy waves.

For a retro pin-up look, try Goody side combs.

Twist back with a chic chignon.

Or you could do what I call the Brigitte Bardot look and sweep them to the side.

When all else fails... you can pull a Blair Waldorf and disguise them under a headband.

Update: When trying to find styles to keep my hair off my face but not put it all the way up, I started twisting my overgrown bangs into a top knot. I love this look because it requires no hair ties, bobby pins, clips, etc. Turns out other celebs were wearing this 'do like Hilary Duff.

These are also great tips for when your hair is a little greasy and you don't want it to show.

How do you like to style your bangs?


  1. Last time I grew out my bangs, I was addicted to Bobby pins to tuck them underneath. Time before, all about the Blair Waldorf. I don't want to even think about growing them out again, if I get through summer without cursing them, it may become my signature look, trends be damned!

  2. My out of control bangs are ridiculous. I've only just got them cut, but they grow really fast. Can't wait to try these styles, especially the quiff.

  3. Hey!
    Thanks for stopping by my blog! Yup, I know Candice. She's a cool chica.
    And I really love the idea of braiding your bangs back. I do that ALL the time!

    See you soon!

  4. Great post! I'm going to try the bobby pin trick next time my bangs start to bug me!

  5. LOVE this!! What a great post!! I just got bangs, and they are fun now but require some maintenance. And I'm totally lazy!!! This is going to be a great reference very soon!! LOL!

    xo, sam

    1. haha yeah I enjoy my bangs for like two weeks then I start pinning them back :/

  6. I'm a total "bobby-pin-em-to-the-side" kinda' chick. I want to try the braid option, for sure...this post is awesome :)

  7. your face is going to give me nightmares :(

  8. omg your eyes are so beautiful, i wish i had them :( xD


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