February 8, 2012

6 Things to Do When Single On Valentine's Day

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I originally wrote this post for Lovelyish but thought I'd give it a little update. 

Yes, another year and Kim will be single on Valentine's Day. I used to be very anti- Valentine's Day and wear black (so dramatic). I thought it was a holiday invented to make single people feel bad about being single. That was until I was in a relationship on Valentine's Day... guess what? Not so great. There is so much pressure on couples to have such an amazing, romantic day that it ends up not being that fun. Most couples I know don't bother doing anything for the day because they feel they should make time for each other all the time, not just one day. Despite what you might think, it can actually be fun to be single on Valentine's Day. Here are some ideas:

Image via We Heart It

1. Be Your Own Valentine. I did this one year... sent myself a delicious box of chocolates. I love getting boxes in the mail (like all my beauty purchases) so I didn't think it was lonely or desperate but a nice way to treat myself.

2. Exchange Gifts With Friends. I love to do this with my single friends. We wouldn't spend more than $10 on a gift. I even baked them cupcakes one year! It is a great way to get something on your wish list while you're on a budget. Didn't have time to pick up the new MAC lipstick you wanted... now you have friends who can get it for you! One year, I had 3 friends to chip in and get me the Viva Glam Gaga lipstick... best present EVER!

3. Go out! Who says you have to hide on Valentine's Day because you're single?! Go out with your friends! It's a great night to get dolled up and enjoy yourself. I love doing this (combined with #2)... I've had great nights laughing with my friends when I have had the chance to do it. You could even go to the extreme of Carmen Electra and Jenny McCarthy and throw an "Anti-Valentine's Day" party. If this is too expensive or not an option for you, then try #4.

4. Make it a Netflix Night. Pop some popcorn and invite your friends to watch some of your favorite romantic comedies.

5. Staying in. Going along with #4, stay in and pamper yourself. Paint your nails, put on a clay mask, or make a bubble bath. Make it a night to relax and catch up on some beauty routines you haven't been able to do. Treat yo self!

6. Spend Time With Family. I've done this before and it is very sweet. If you don't have a date (for any holiday)... you know you always have your family. They'll cheer you up and tell you how you'll find a great man next year then force you to eat a lot of good food!

For us single ladies, how are you spending the holiday? If you're in a relationship, what are your thoughts on Valentine's Day?


  1. I never have a date for Valentines Day. Oh well. I love pampering myself, so I'll do that this year.

  2. Great ideas! They are having Ryan Gosling month on Time Warner Cable (which you may not get in NYC) but I may order some food and a few of those movies!

    And at least I have my huge pup to snuggle with. Better than a guy, right? ;)

  3. If only my bf wasn't on a diet I would totally make those whoopie pies! When I was in college my friends and I would throw (Anti)V-day parties lol


  4. I'm going to be celebrating Gallentine's Day instead. :)


  5. Vday is lame! Love this post. Treat yo self! Hahahah awesome


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