February 29, 2012

10 Pop Songs That Sum Up My Life

                                                                   Source: extratv.warnerbros.com via Anne on Pinterest

I'm not a religious person but one religion I subscribe to is music. Florence Welch's voice takes me to church. Adele's "Someone Like You" makes me teary eyed every time I hear it. Music is a very powerful art form that can reach so many. Sometimes you feel like a musician has read your personal diary with the lyrics that they've written. I recently joined Chill, which is a video sharing site and it started bringing memories back. I even created a '90s R&B album (good times). I thought about some songs that really rang true to me at certain moments in my life and I thought I'd share them:

1. Ritchie Valens "La Bamba"

The first song I ever danced to - true story.

2. Jagged Edge "Promise"

My first "boyfriend"/crush and I loved Jagged Edge and claimed this to be our song. Well actually all Jagged Edge songs were "our songs." (Oh, young love).

3. Laura Branigan's "Gloria"

If you ever thought about calling a guy because he hasn't called you, listen to this song first. "If everybody wants you, why isn't anyone calling? You don't have to answer, just leave them hanging on the line..." Truth!

4. Journey "I'll Be Alright Without You"

 My favorite band of the '80s hands down. Forget "Don't Stop Believing" it's all about "I'll Be Alright Without You"!

5. Bruce Springsteen's "Jersey Girl"

"Nothing matters in this whole wide world when you're in love with a Jersey girl..." Truer words were never spoken Bruce.

6. Rihanna's "Umbrella"

This is my song with my best friend and I even bought him an umbrella (a small one) during his birthday the summer this was released since we sang it so much.

7. Fun "We Are Young" 

Style Me BAD knows why this made the list (lol!). Sometimes I feel old and this songs just makes you want to cut loose!

8. Florence & The Machine "Shake it Out" 


Just remind yourself that "it's always darkest before the dawn."

9. Adele's "Rolling in the Deep"

I pretty sure every heart broken girl in the world says that Adele's 21 album summed up her life. (And secretly think we all sound like her when belting her songs out lol!).

10. Lady Gaga's "Hair"

This has been my anthem lately. "I'm as free as my hair!"

Have you joined Chill? What songs sum up your life?


  1. OMG! I am dying over your Jagged Edge situation. LOL. Oh young love. For some reason I thought you were too young for Jagged Edge, but happy to see that it is in your life :).

  2. This is actually a great collection of songs! I'd have to think long and hard to find out what 10 songs that sum up my life, but most recently there are two songs that I'll forever connect to my wedding two years ago - "Delilah" by Tom Jones because there's a really hilarious episode connected to it, and "Fa Fa Fa" by Datarock because that's the song we played while my sister helped me get dressed and did my hair while we had champagne:)

    1. Well they don't necessarily "sum up my life" but definitely sum up moments in my life. haha love Delilah - so dark!

  3. I've been obsessing with "We Are Young" for a few weeks now! It's crazy how songs can transport you to different places and times :)

  4. Great list of songs! I'm the biggest music person as well. Some songs never fail to have an affect on me.
    I love that Adele song. It's so beautiful. Although, it was made slightly less beautiful after I sung it at Karaoke today...whoops.

  5. loving your music choices and will be checking out the Chill
    laughing at the La Bamba song
    when i was pregnant with son2, son1 watched this sesame street video all the time with that song in it while laid on the couch dieing with morning sickness
    i still feel nauseated when i hear that song
    crazy right

  6. Nice list! Love tbat la bamba is on there hahaha and we are young has been on constant repeat since our night at brother jimmys! ;-) lets set the world on fiiiireee!

    Jagged edge was the shit!

    I dont kno ehat songs sum up my life but im almost positive lauryn hills "nothing even matters" will play at my wedding!

  7. I love this! La Bamba was one of my favorite songs when I was kid! I love music too and there are so many that sum up my life is ridiculous! One that really strikes a chord with my now is I Was Here by Beyonce. I get goosebumps whenever I hear that song!

  8. I was this HUGE Take That fan in the UK and went through a major boy band phase. I'd have to pick their cover version Could It Be Magic as my anthem (showing my age here no doubt). For the 80s heck it would have to be Madonna all the way!


  9. HAHAHA great list of songs. My co-worker is a HUGE Bruce fan...I mean so big that he has a tattoo of Bruce on his arm...lol

    I love Fun. I'm so sad that both dates in NYC are sold out! ARGH!



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