January 25, 2012

Why I Love Fashion

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I've had this post on the back burner for awhile and figured it was time it got published. I often get asked why I studied fashion in college, to most people it's a frivolous thing. Not to me. I briefly discuss this issue in the About The Blog section. But let me reiterate. To me fashion is a form of self expression. We all have to wear clothes every day (or we'd get arrested for public nudity) so I'd rather wear clothes that say something about my personality. As Bill Cunningham described in his wonderful documentary "Fashion is our suit of armor to survive every day life. It would be like doing away with civilization." Even those who claim to be anti-fashion or don't bother to put any effort into their look are saying something about themselves. But we don't have to be cookie cutters - it should be a colorful world with individual style!

During a FBFF topic, I felt like we hit a sour note about fashion when discussing fads. Yes, there is the vain aspect of fashion where magazines or editors tell you what's in or what's out each season. That doesn't mean you need to listen to them. Fads can also be a fun way to try a new trend and introduce you to new fashion staples for your wardrobe. I never thought I'd be wearing bold lips or any kind of pink being the tomboy that I was growing up. However, with Pantone's color last year being Honeysuckle, pink was everywhere. Now I've incorporated all shades of pink from soft blush hues to vibrantly shocking colors into my closet. One season androgynous is in and the next it's out. Doesn't mean you have to change your look. Also, if you hold onto a trend long enough... it will come back into style like double denim. You'll be viewed as ahead of the curve.

Fashion has pushed me out of my comfort zone to try things I never would have imagined I would and the blogosphere is another extension of that. What keeps me passionate about the fashion world is the freedom and creative expression one gets. You can express yourself and maybe people will listen or respond. If I see someone with a great pair of shoes on (for example), I may go up to them and tell them and we strike up a conversation and perhaps we become friends. This isn't always the case but it is more likely since you started with a mutual interest. Blogging is a way to do this virtually and I know I've made lots of friends thanks to social media.

Orange and Apples commented on how we value clothes. I value clothes that fit me well and therefore make me feel good. We all have to wear clothes every day so why not wear ones that make you feel confident? I also place a higher value on items that I saved up for and are a small token of my hard work. If I paid a higher amount of money than usual for an item, I'm allowed to enjoy it because it was because of my successes. Not because someone bought it for me or it's a status symbol. I know there are those bargain hunters and those who like to make their own clothes. We all enjoy clothes for different purposes but we shouldn't dislike fashion because of the negative aspects when there are so many positive ones.

What are your feelings about fashion?


  1. double denim should NEVER be in! I've gotten more into fashion, with your help- but I think I have always had a pretty 'classic' slant. I don't want to spend lots of money on something that will be 'out' in a month!

  2. I think you're right about it being all about expressing yourself as an individual. I'm not 'anti-fashion'... I don't really take much notice of what's 'in' but I think you've got such a good point about it encouraging you try new things and that's what I really like about it. If something's in, I happen to notice it and I like it I really enjoy trying it! I think the important thing is to take from fashion what you enjoy and what makes you happy and screw the stuff that doesn't! :)

  3. This was a really good post! I view fashion the way you do, as a creative outlet. It says something about me, the same way the decor in my home does, or the movies I watch or the music I listen to. A lot of people think that fashion is "easy" or (hate this word) "dumb", but I think that really good fashion is actually really intellectual. When I plan an outfit, I *feel* my brain working, pulling variables together, and it feels good. There's a reason a really great runway show will take your breath away, the same way a fantastic painting or a beautiful composed song. It's an art, with blood and sweat and tears and people pouring their souls into it. That's why I like fashion. :)

    Also, I've never been one to follow trends. I sometimes will do something and then find it becoming a trend and I usually stop! Lol...I don't have anything against trends, really, but I don't want to be labeled as a "fad" person...I like what I like!

    Lindsey Soup

    1. Thanks! I like your point about your brain working to coordinate any outfit :)

  4. Not stupid at all to study fashion. Whether people want to admit it or not we are all a part of fashion. We have to wear clothes (like you said).

    I have a love hate relationship with fashion myself. I want to immerse myself in it, but I also want to save money lol.

  5. This is an amazing post! And it's all so true. My non fashion world friends all kinda roll their eyes when I start talking about fashion and my blog. But for me, I've become a lot more confident since getting into fashion and it's a great creative outlet.

  6. love this--fashion is essential to defining a person.

  7. Great post! I like this a lot! I look a fashion as another way to express my creativity. I am a creative person by nature so if I can create something, it's a ton of fun and fashion for me is no different. Blogging definitely opened up that possibility to me and I'm ever so grateful for it!

  8. I get asked the same thing about why I studied Art and Desgin theory. And I totally agree that fashion is a worthwhile degree! x

  9. Great post. I think that style is more important than fashion but I do love getting inspiration from the current fashions and trends. I think it is important not to be dictated to by fashion, you should wear what looks good on you and what makes you happy no matter whether it is in ot out of fashion.

  10. Beautiful picture!


  11. Great post! Congrats on being chosen for ifb's links a la mode.
    Like you I love fashion for all sorts of reasons, but mostly the personal expression it provides.

  12. Graduating from the OTIS fashion program was one of the most rigorous things I've done. Fashion is hard work. I've taken lessons learned there to my work and life every day.

  13. Awesome post and I totally agree. This is why I think I have become so enamored with all things IFB related. I came in via the Links a la Mode by the way.

  14. Agreed!

    Boxer's Adventures

  15. LOVE this post...Fashion wasn't offered at Northwestern, they thought it was too frivolous, so I turned my English/Art History degree into an education of fashion my own way! True fashion lovers know it is anything but "stupid".

    Thanks for sharing!



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