January 19, 2012

The Odd Slipper Soiree!

Last night was my first event hosting with Small Girls PR and The Odd Slipper at The Little Shoe Store. The Odd Slipper is an online store specializing in petite shoe sizes, ranging from 3 to 6. Amazing! I'm a size 4 but sometimes slip into a 5 just to find cute shoes. The Little Shoe Store is open on the weekend in the East Village and I really need to come back - I had no idea it existed and now I found my source for cute shoes in my size!

Walking in there were racks of shoes! I wore this fur dress from Tobi (everyone wanted to pet me) which was a bit short so I wore it with thick leggings and rocked my Rebecca Minkoff bag. I also wore my favorite pink lipstick by NYX, it's their matte lipstick in Shocking Pink (just $6!).

Can this be my shoe closet?

As host I got to rock these awesome boots all night. They were surprisingly super comfortable! I usually can't go more than 2 hours in heels.

My friend of The Tiny Tie Rant trying on some shoes...

I loved the red ones on her!

Delicious treats provided by Spot Dessert Bar.

Thank you to Cointreau and Societe for providing the delicious drinks. A big thank you to everyone who came out to show support, including Laf Out Loud Beauty and The Tiny Tie Rant. I had a wonderful time and now have a great new place to shop for fabulous shoes!


  1. AH!!! I wish I could have made your event last night! I knew it was going to be another late night at work for me. We've been staying late here every Wednesday night since the holidays. UGH. Oman all these shoesssss are so pretty! LOVE the sweater did you get that off of Tobi? I have been eyeing it for awhile.

    Also I want those macaroons in my belly right now! NOM!


    1. Aww I'm sorry work has been sucky :( Yes it's from Tobi - just a heads up that it's short!

  2. What a great shoe store and party. I am on the other end of shoe sizes but am glad there's a shop with smaller sizes. I need to let my step mom know about it.

  3. Must have been so much to host. As you know, I'm a huge shoe person, so hanging in a shoe store all night is my version for heaven. Love the shoes you rocked! They look so cool.

    1. haha if it was my personal shoe closet then yes it would be heaven!

  4. How fun! That sounds like a great event - congrats on the success :)

  5. You looked fab (and I would have totally petted you!). Sounds like a great event!

  6. Congrats on your first event! It looks like it was super fun! (and yes I would gladly take that shoe rack and put in my closet!)

  7. Ahhh I missed this, but I ended up sick anyway. My big old feet would have probably knocked all of you down. I really like that dress, if i had it I would be doing shimmies all day. You looked great.


  8. love your style! you look stunning! Sounds like a great event!


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