January 18, 2012

I Hoard Sally Hansen Nail Stickers

My stash

I've mentioned my hoarding of magazines in the past. But I noticed yesterday that my collection of Sally Hansen nail stickers is growing abundantly and for no rhyme or reason. I love the stickers but I don't like to wear them too often because I change my nails at least once a week. I can't commit to anything longer! So it's not like I'm using all of these all the time that I need to have so many.
The only ones I've used more than once are the leopard ones because I still haven't mastered how to do them on my own. I usually buy the nail stickers because I want to emulate them with my own nail art and they are practice. But I think I've gotten carried away... as you can see above, they are going to need their own bin pretty soon!

I lined them up along my sink and there was little room left!

A tower of nail polishes!

I have 8 in total and my collection includes:

- 320 Kitty, Kitty
- 310 Wild Child
- 360 Laced Up
- Ghoulie Girl
- Winter Funderland
- Cross My Heart (part of their Valentine's Day collection)
- Numbskull
- Snow Bunny

Do you think it's too many? Do you have more?


  1. Haha you can never be too prepared! So I'm assuming these work then? I need to try them out!

  2. Haha!! Sometimes you have to hoard things as long as you don't become a full on hoarder you should be fine.

  3. wow, now that's a collection! nice nail stickers!

  4. Oh damn that's a lot of nail stickers. Do you buy them online? I'm curious if they have something fun, but nothing too obvious so I can wear it to work.

    1. I can't seem to find them online so I hunt them down at Duane Reades mostly


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