January 20, 2012

4 Guys I Had On My Binder In High School

When you're in school, you like to decorate your binder and locker with something that expresses your personality. While most girls have their boy band crushes with hearts on their binders. I actually had some provocative photos on my binders. Before there was Ryan, Bradley, there were these hotties:

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1. Channing Tatum. Yes these exact photos (lol!). I'm kind of impressed how he transitioned from a stripper to a leading actor. It's usually a woman's road to fame but hey, guys have to earn some cash too.

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2. Taye Diggs. His smile is so infectious.

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3. Johnny Depp. Who is rumored to be newly single - CALL ME!

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4. Vin Diesel. Also, the exact photo. My crush on Vin was pretty deep... kind of bummed he stopped making relevant movies now.

As you can see there were a lot of shirtless men and muscles. Who did you have your binder?

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  1. Love it!! I had a big crush on Vin Diesel in high school.

  2. Lol, Mr. Depp and Mr. Diggs were in my locker too :). And Johnny is on my desktop wallpaper right now :D.

    1. lmao I always have a picture of Johnny Depp nearby ;)


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