December 18, 2011

Versatile Blogger Award

I've been awarded the Versatile Blogger thanks to the lovely Sass 'n Curlz.

Now I'm supposed to share 7 random things about myself. This is hard because I'm not sure what is left!

1) My favorite color is black

2) My favorite animal is a llama

3) My favorite holiday is Halloween (and my birthday!)

4) I love Cinnamon Toast Crunch

5) I love Dunkin' Donuts Mint Hot Chocolate

6) Dachshunds are my favorite dog :)

7) I have two nephews.


  1. Very cute post an congrats on the award. Very unique likes I have to add.

  2. My favorite color is black too. I haven't tried the Mint Hot Chocolate but I will tomorrow based on your recommendation.

    Congrats on your award.

  3. I am dying to try that mint hot chocolate! I must! And cinnamon toast crunch is soooo good!

  4. Mint hot chocolate sounds delicious!



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