December 1, 2011

My Sephora Mystery Sample Gift Bag

During Sephora's Cyber Monday special, they were giving away free mystery sample bags with $50 purchases. I was there to pick up gifts for my sister and mom but thought I'd treat myself to some samples (lol!). There was some pretty great samples in the bag - I was quite pleased! I've been trying the products so I can do a mini review for you. Here are my thoughts:

I received 8.5 fl oz bottles of Ojon's Damage Reverse Restorative Shampoo and Conditioner (which are $24 each!). I was quite impressed with the size I received. Ojon claims to gently cleanse and revitalize hair. It has a strong smell (not bad but not fruity). I did like how it feels on my hair so I'll try it some more before deciding if I want to switch over. I liked on the back of the bottle it said "Ritual" instead of Directions. Guess they have a sense of humor.

Shiseido Pureness 1-2-3 skincare products were so small I barely had enough products to use on my face for one try.

It was like ProActiv with a 1-2-3 step process explained in the fold. 1) Use the Deep Cleansing Foam to work up a lather and massage. Rinse. 2) Soak a cotton swap (you have to provide) with the Balancing Softener Alcohol-Free and rub over face. 3) Apply the Mattifying Moisturizer Oil Free.

I would have liked more product to try but I liked the Mattifying Moisturizer the best.

Benefit's Refined Finish Facial Polish. I really enjoyed this product. It had a nice sheen and a little bit of scrub. I'm already a fan of the line with their Total Moisture Facial Cream. It was so cute - a mini version of the bigger bottle!

Did you pick up a mystery bag?


  1. Ojan is amazing!! I use their restorative treatment.

  2. Oh, lucky! Love to have some more of that Ojon. I liked it.

  3. Oh, I completely missed out!! I love Sephora and I would have loved getting some samples. The facial polish looks like a must have...

  4. hey are you a vib in sephora? n what other samples did u get i saw some other samples as well.

  5. Yes I'm a Sephora VIB member but this wasn't VIB related. It was just if you purchased on Cyber Monday with a code.


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