December 27, 2011

My Christmas In Pictures

Aerial view of my parent's living room
Heidi in her jingle bell collar
My sister and her family wearing matching pajamas
Jacob was overwhelmed by all the presents
Zach jumped right in
My parents thought they were so funny

Baby mayhem on the loose
I was pretty excited...

Baby Zach helped mommy open presents
Baby mayhem at it again
My mother bought this cardboard house to play with, mostly the adults enjoyed it for napping

Happy Holidays!


  1. Loved your Christmas photos! Looks like you had a great time.

  2. I love the one of them all in the matching pyjamas!

  3. Sounds like such a fun family Christmas! Your nephews are so adorable.

  4. Now I want a nap in a cardboard house. And Justin Bieber wrapping paper? HYSTERICAL! What a lovely family holiday!

  5. Zach is absolutely adorable! And what gift did u get that you were so excited about!

  6. Ok seriously I think you win for cutest christmas photos. Ever!

    Merry Christmas!

  7. @Fashion by Alicia - It was a good day :) Hope you had a lovely holiday!

    @Franca - haha I remember those days :p

    @Sherin - hehe glad I'm not the only one who thinks they are cute!

    @Allie - oh Biebz

    @Style me Bad - Macbook Pro!

    @styleonthecouch- haha aw thanks, I give full credit to my nephews :)

  8. nice job capturing the gift opening. and thank you everyone for commenting on how cute my kids are! :)


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