December 21, 2011

My 4 Winter Skin Essentials

Winter is a time when not only the weather changes but our skin. These are 4 of my must-haves to survive the brutal cold.

1) Baby Oil
2) Nivea's Hand Creme Tin
3) Mavala's Cuticle Cream
4) Clinique's Body Butter

To use:

- Don't take steaming hot showers. It is also best for your hair to rinse the conditioner out with cold water so try to finish with a cool blast.
- Don't scrub off with a towel, let yourself drip dry.
- Before you're completely dry, apply baby oil
- Once the oil has soaked into your skin, apply Clinique's body butter (or a lotion of your choice)
- For on the go moisture - I carry a travel size Nivea's creme tin
- And to keep my cuticles soft I use Mavala's cuticle cream

What are your winter skin must-haves?


  1. Great advice! I need to try out Clinque's Body Butter.

  2. @dowtownchicagobarbie - Thanks :)

    @Fashion by Alicia - Let me know how ya like it!

    @Audrey Allure - I'm still a newbie!


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