December 5, 2011

Mani of the Week: Black & White Dice

I think black and white is one of the most classic color combos so why not try it on your nails? If you like polka dot nails and want an easy nail art to try... I'd recommend this! It's literally two steps and you don't need any special pens.

I used:
Essie's Marshmallow - Wet 'n Wild's Black Creme

Step 1: Start with the white base color. The white nail polish reminds me of middle school days when I'd paint my nails with White-Out pens (that couldn't have been healthy...)

Step 2: Dot on the black nail color. You can use the regular brush just wipe off the excess so it doesn't drip.


You could also do this with red and white colors. What are you wearing on your nails this week?

Image via We Heart It


  1. Oooo, looks fab! I need to try this. For the first time in a very long time, my nails are without any polish! It feels weird.

  2. You see I can now picture you, Burn Notice on in the background, Manicure going on whilst you watch. Cute nails! Sadly I bite mine, although this week I vowed to give up the terrible habit, and when I grow them I am going to get me a fabulous manicure....

  3. So cute! Hope you get lucky this week!!

    I am still with this damn gel mani...I know..Shameful :(

  4. What a fab and easy tutorial, thanks for posting!

  5. @Minna- Thanks!

    @Sherin- Oh no! hehe are you letting them breath?

    @styleonthecouch- lmao close, usually it's Sunday when I'm painting my nails so more like watching football ;)

    @StyleMeBAD- hehe well if it lasts then I guess it's good!

    @Reena- Thanks for reading!

  6. Ooh these are cute! I used to paint my nails with tippex at school too! And then draw all over it with black pen! I hate to think what toxins I absorbed into my body. Loving your blog! I'm a follower!

  7. I have found using the end of a bobby pins makes super cute and easy polka dots (for future ref). Right now I am sporting dark grey matte nails with pink glitter tips.


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