December 13, 2011

4 Ways to Give Back This Holiday Season

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We've all heard the expression "it's better to give than to receive." It is so true, especially around the holiday season. Don't forget about those less fortunate when giving holiday gifts. I like to use my holiday bonus to donate to a charity of my choice. I've always found these other ways to give back:

1) Donate old/unused makeup. As a blogger, you receive so many products. Some don't necessarily work for your skin tone so donate them to a women's shelter. Makeup can give a woman her confidence and even help her for a job interview. Search for a local women's organization and contact them asking if they would be interested. Dress for Success is a great example.

2) NYC's Coat Drive. Ends December 31st. I drop my coats off at my local police precinct. Check the site for donation drop-offs near you.

3) Be someone's angel - JcPenney's and Salvation Army teamed up to help those in need. You chose your angel and then can shop JcPenney's site for items on their list. Your gift ships free directly to the local Salvation army store. This is my third year doing the program!

4) Donate to a charity you care about. Pick a charity that is personal to you: human rights, women's rights, animal rights, etc. and donate as much as you can this time of the year. They'll so appreciate it!

How are you giving back this holiday season?


  1. This is a lovely post, and I love you for posting it. I'm a true believer in giving back, especially during the holidays. I've already done some myself. May I also suggest toy donations? My mom and I recently bought toys just for this. It's so sad to think of a child waking up to no toys on Christmas morning.

  2. I had no idea we could donate makeup products - would definitely look into this since I have a bunch that I don't use!

  3. I usually volunteer at a program for kids, but i dont think ill make it this yr :( and i donate, donate donate!


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