November 10, 2011

My First Influenster VoxBox

I signed up with Influenster where key influencers are sent products. Members get to review the latest products and share their feedback. You can earn badges and not all members receive boxes. This is my first box!

Gillette Venus ProSkin razor. As you may remember, I have grown loyal to men's razors. It includes 3 blades with shave gel bars surrounding them. I didn't even feel the razor when I used it. It was very smooth!

But a lot of the gel bars disappeared after one use, so that's why they included a refill.

VitaBath's body wash in Dreamy Pink Frosting. It definitely smelled like it! Their products are sulfate and paraben free. You can use it for a bubble bath, which I treated myself to. I'm just not sure about the "moisturizing" claim. My Dove body wash keeps my skin moisturized throughout the winter.

ProActiv Solution. I have always been curious about ProActiv - we've all seen the celebrity commercials. I've been using them for a few days and my skin has definitely cleared up. It's also helpful that it's numbered 1, 2, 3 (lol!).

Have you ever received a VoxBox?


  1. this is the first i've heard of voxbox!

  2. Just signed up!! Thanks for letting your readers know about this great program!

  3. @Shutterbug- I guess it's still relevantly new

    @Toya- lmao of course you did ;)

  4. Oh this looks like FUN!!!


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