November 8, 2011

My First Designer Handbag

Confession: I've never owned a designer handbag before. All of them have been under $50 or so. Mostly from H&M and Aldo. I've been too scared to lose it or damage something expensive. But now that I'm getting older, I need to not be so shy and focus on investments.

Recently, I won Midtown Girl's Fabulush "Date Night Essentials" giveaway that featured Rebecca Minkoff's "Morning After Clutch." I had to have it so I was so ecstatic I won! It fits my personality, edgy but classic. It looks small but fits all my necessities. Isn't she pretty?

It's new home

It's all in the details

What was the first designer item you owned?


  1. Congrats on your first designer bag! It's gorgeous. I have yet to get my first designer bag as well.

  2. I agree with buying a designer bag. I don't believe in spending money on a purse if I'm not going to use it everyday. Congratulation on your win!

  3. ooooh :) I love it! And you're so right, it's the details that make a rebecca minkoff bag so covetable!

    My first designer item was a teal, suede, marc jacobs bag that I bought at a consignment store in dallas. The only items I can justify spending the money on are bags and coats. A well made bag only looks better with age (look at the Chanel 2.55!), and living in Canada I need all the warm well made coats I can get!

  4. It's gorgeous! I'm also afraid of ruining my bags lol, my first designer bag was Dooney & Bourke & it definitely is a lot more durable than my other ones (it's still in pretty good shape for something that's about 8yrs old lol).

  5. That is gorgeous!! Congrats on the win! My first designer bag was Coach, then Michael Kors, then Cole Haan, and finally Gucci! I have my eye on a lot of other designer bags but need to save my money. Gorgeous bag! Again congrats!

  6. NICE! You really scored! That bag is awesome!!

    My first "designer bag" was a gifted Dooney & Burke and then I bought myself a L.A.M.B. bag that I adore.

  7. i love it! congrats on winning it, lucky girl. my first designer bag was a vintage fendi bag my mother given me. she gave it to me too young though and i misused it :(.

    great post! xx

  8. Lucky you for winning! That bag is gorge! Rebecca mink off always makes great bags that are edgy but still classic and timeless. I can't even remember my first designer item. .:(

  9. @Sherin- Aw you will some day!

    @downtownchicagobarbie- Thanks!

    @Melrose- Oh Chanel *swoon*

    @Audrey Allure- Yeah they definitely do last better than H&M bags

    @Fashion by Alicia- Oh you have a nice collection ;)

    @Leann- Oh I love L.A.M.B!

    @Sarah- Aw, sounds like a great bag!

  10. Congratulations! My first designer bag was a Kate Spade. It was 1998 I believe. I have since added a few more designers and a few more Kate Spade's, as pocketbooks are my 'thing'.

  11. @Nancy-Lee - Oh very nice, Kate Spades are classics!

  12. Oh great pick for your 1st designer! Mine was Coach!


  13. Gorgeous bag! Congrats! Once you go designer it is hard to carry anything else. ;-)

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