November 28, 2011

Mani of the Week: Purple Glitter

I bought some nail art glitter and have been dying to use it. I'll confess: I bought it because it was pretty (lol!). Feeling in a purple mood, I decided to add some bling to my nails (or nail).

What I used:

I used e.l.f.'s "Purple Pleaser" on all my nails. I did two coats except for the ring finger.

Before applying the glitter, I applied a fresh coat so that the glitter would adhere to the wet polish. I used LA Splash Cosmetics Nail Art Glitter in "Psychedelic."


What's on your nails this week?


  1. Gorgeous idea! I am definitely lusting after all things glittery at the moment - nails included!

  2. Love the purple! I still have this gel manicure from 2 weeks ago! :x time for a change!

  3. purple and glitter are too of my fave things

  4. Everyone but me seems to be doing this cute glitter polish on their ring fingers. I need to try it! xx

  5. I like the nail glitter for the holidays. I especially love that you chose to glitterize the one nail keeps things less childlike and more adult.


    Fashion Nostalgia

  6. Oh I really need to stop biting my nails.... :-))


  7. That is so cool. Makes me think I really should buy some glitter. :) xoxo

  8. @Amy - Thank you :)

    @Rebecca - hehe thank you :)

    @Harriet - Yes, it's just so pretty!

    @Style Me BAD - Yes I can't commit to 2 weeks haha

    @Elle - Well you must give this mani a try then!

    @Sarah - Definitely :)

    @Jerrica - Thank you. I'll definitely be rocking some glitter for the holidays ;)

    @Leia - Thank you my dear!

    @styleonthecouch - Yes tisk tisk!

    @Silvertigo- haha or you could use old eye makeup ;)

  9. What fun! I totally want to do that for NYE!


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