November 10, 2011

Land's End Canvas Spring 2012 Preview Event

Wednesday night I attended along with other members of the NYC Fashion Blogger Meetup Group the Lands' End Canvas preview. It was an All-Americana feel to the collection and the clothes were displayed as a road trip on Route 66. Their were stops at California on the piers, to a wedding at wine vineyard, and the beach. It was very well done and the clothes are great for summer fun.

I'd go to that wedding

Cute bikini

There were a lot of anchor details, linen fabrics and rope material.

Before the band hit the stage

The Massachusetts band, The Wandas played. They were really great and graciously signed posters for us. We were like groupies standing at the side of the stage (lol!)

In our canvas tote bags we received a band t-shirt, their cd along with a catalog. I've been listening to the cd and I'm really liking:

One of the best events I've been to. Great job!


  1. That looks like it was fun! I'm going to have to check out the Wandas now. I like the track you featured.
    :) f

  2. So glad I stopped by. I had completely forgot about that group picture!

  3. Looks like fun! I am def getting an Americana feel from the photos!


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