November 28, 2011

Kim Doesn't Want to Date You If...

As young girl's we all made lists about Mr. Right or kept mental lists during our adult dating days for what what our dream man needed. Patti Stanger has her clients make a list of deal breakers. So I jotted down some of mine, it's sort of a play on "You know you're a redneck when.." Here we go:

- Your boobs are bigger than hers

- You don't like Manhattan

- Wear a gold chain

- Walk with a limp for no medical reason

- Your pants hang below your ass

- You bleach your hair

- Spend more time getting ready than I do

- Can't laugh at yourself

- I need your mother's approval

- You can't pick up the phone to call

- Don't know what common decency and/or common sense are

- Your vocabulary hasn't advanced past the 6th grade

- You have baby momma drama

- You don't think gays deserve to marry

- You think cooking, cleaning, laundry are "women's jobs"

What are your deal breakers?

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  1. I am LMBO at this post!! I can't with you, but we must want the same man because I agree with everything you put on this list.

  2. I definitely agree with all the things on your list! A guy that isn't driven is another deal breaker for me.

  3. I hope these are deal breakers for every woman!! I'm totally with you :) Perfect list.

  4. I seriously couldn't stop laughing! For me, they have to have manners. I don't want a watch a sloppy eater across the table. They also must respect women and be a gentleman, ie-holding the door open.

  5. Your list is funny. I agree with most of them.

  6. LOL. Love this list!! I'm with on a guy taking longer to get dressed than me, or even worse, spending more time in the mirror than me. That is such a no no for me! Before I met my husband, what was on the top of list was that he had to know how to cook. Needless to say, I got my wish! :)

  7. That thing about not calling, and always texting or emailing - drives. me. inSANE! Good one for the list. But who doesn't like Manhattan?!

  8. My bf takes longer than I do to get ready -___- He is so got damn slow!!!!

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  10. bhahaahahahahaha. wear a gold chain! I'm putting that on my list!

  11. I don't mind bleached hair. I want him to agree that homosexuals have the right to marry someone of the ~opposite~ sex. And since I am not a city-lover (had a stereo stolen once too often), I don't mind if he hates it. But otherwise, right on, girlfriend!

    I'll add one more, though...hygiene! Have a dentist, a bar of soap, and clean clothes. You can be ugly, you can have a lousy fashion sense, wear socks and sandals and Hawaiian shirts. All that can be fixed, or at least not helped. But don't you DARE lean in for a good-night kiss and knock me out with your stinky armpits or bad breath.

    Seems like common sense, right? You'd be surprised...

    1. oh yes another great one to add! haha yes we overestimate what common sense is to most people :p


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