November 20, 2011

Katherine Kwei Spring 2012 Handbag Preview Event

On Wednesday I attended the Katherine Kwei Spring/Summer 2012 preview event held at the lovely Delicatessen restaurant. Like a bad blogger, I get there and turn on my camera and it's dying! Thankfully I was with my friend, Nicole from Style Me BAD, so I have her to thank for most of these photos!

I love the fringe!

It was so lovely to meet the designer herself. She explained that her designs were inspired by the Chinese eternity knot. You'll see a play on the knot throughout her collection. The Spring/Summer 2012 collection was inspired by the Polynesian islands with gorgeous blues and white sandy beaches.

Knotted cross body bags

I think this was everyone's favorite bag - it photographed so beautifully!

We had some fun modeling the bags:

Nicole modeled the Donna Snake Sling Bag

While I preferred the smaller clutch

In the other room the wine was flowing and delicious chocolates were being passed around. We couldn't keep up!

Me being a dork

There was also a coloring station where we could color in one of Katherine's charms for a chance to win a bag. I chose a duck and made it badass:

He has a blue mohawk with a mom tattoo (lol!)

Also, the fabulous Lacee Swan was on hand to do sketches of us! I finally got meet Lacee in person and she was such a sweetheart.

Loved how my sketch came out:

We all got to go home with one of Katherine's charms:

I received a duck (like my drawing!) which is fitting because my best friend's nickname for me is barvazoni, which is Hebrew for "rubber duckie" (lol!).

A big thank you to Bianca and Mallory of Small Girls PR - you ladies know how to host an event!


  1. So many gorgeous bags!! Also, loving your bangs (are they fairly new or am I more behind than I thought?!)

  2. I love your badass duck drawing. :) And that sketch is wonderful!

  3. I got the duck charm too!! So much fun that night!

  4. Looks like so much fun!!! Loving all the bags (and your shoes look pretty amazing as well).
    Love your badass duck as well!

  5. @Kimberly- haha no you aren't far behind, I just got them before the event :)

    @Cortney- haha thanks!

    @Style me Bad- TWINSIES!

    @Sherin- Aw thanks :)


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