November 13, 2011

I Don't Want to Drink Dr. Pepper Anyways

While watching my favorite shows "It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia" and "The League" on FX, there was this Dr. Pepper commercial. "It's not for women" is the tagline Dr. Pepper's 10 calorie soda. Um, what? Now I understand that FX mostly has male viewers so I don't expect to see a tampon ad but this was just so blatant. Why has marketing suddenly turned against women? I've discussed bad ads before during last year's Superbowl... but now they are getting ridiculous.

The female bashing doesn't stop there. The Facebook fan page allows users to block women from viewing the content. There are "manly" shooting ranges where you can shoot things like high heels and lipstick (because they are so awful!).

They are trying to sell a "diet" soda (10 calories) to the male viewer who are usually hesitant - I get it. But even beer commercials haven't stooped this low to sell a 10 calorie beverage. Do men only feel comfortable drinking a "diet" (it's still soda) beverage when they know women won't drink it? I find that idea absurd. If you want a healthy option - drink water.

Chris Hemsworth as Thor

The commercial plays off of "guy movies" but there's a reason that most "guy movies" feature an attractive lead role with great abs. Women like to see a good looking man saving the world and so do guys. The same reason they love athletes - they secretly think they could have bodies like that and pull off amazing dunks. There's nothing wrong with that but don't suddenly try to think that women don't like watching too. "You can keep the romantic comedies" Excuse me. I know several guys who like RomComs more than I do. 

I quite frankly think it's not original to attack women. We are MORE than half the population so good job alienating us. Plus, statistics show that 85% of brand shopping is done by the women of the household (Source). "Oh men hate being nagged by their wives, let's do a commercial about that." For some humor about it all, check out the NSFW YouTube videos created by TheChildrenoftheAtom spoofing the commercials.

Are you offended by this ad campaign? Why or why not?

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  1. U are absolutely right. What an offending tag line
    Thanks for visiting my blog.

  2. WOW! This is shocking, of course there is sexism to women but I've never seen it so blantantly obvious!

  3. Worst campaign ever. Now I have another reason not to drink Dr. Pepper, other than the fact that it tastes gross.

    I understand they were trying to market specifically to men, but they've done it in a way that is offensive, and the wives/girlfriends/partners who do all the grocery shopping (in a lot of cases) maybe will not buy it as a result (or so I'd hope), so maybe it will backfire.

    I'm offended, yes, but not surprised that a campaign like this exists.

  4. While not offended by it, it's laughably stupid. I can't believe the execs at Dr. Pepper would believe a marketing campaign like this would work, to be honest.

  5. @Fashion Confessions of a Mommy- Thanks for commenting

    @Lidiya- Yeah like @Ashe said, I'm surprised it made it passed executives

    @Merry Alana- haha yeah exactly. Aw I think we should be surprised it exists! So unoriginal :/

    @Ashe- Yes, it's quite laughable and agree that I'm surprised it made it passed a drunken marketing meeting lol!

  6. I read this post once...but had to re-read it in order to make sure I understood it correctly! This is insane. I don't even like Dr. Pepper...but if I did I certainly wouldn't be supporting them after seeing this misguided campaign. Since when is sexism okay?

    XO - Marion


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