November 9, 2011

10 Items You Should Invest In When Moving to New York

When I moved to New York during college I vaguely remembered what the East Coast weather was like growing up after I lived in California for nearly 10 years. It took me awhile to believe I needed to invest in some of these items but after finally settling in I thought I'd pass the wisdom on to anyone who wants to move here.

1) Umbrella - I'll be honest, I still haven't invested in one. After going through about 10 and constantly having mine blow inside out... I'm ready to make the move. Don't be the same way.

2) Hooded rainproof jacket - A hood will do you good. It doesn't just rain in the spring... oh no. It rains when it's 50 degrees and windy. You'll need to be bundled up so the hood comes in handy during the snow because it protects your face from the wind burn. Trust me, it's not fun NOT being able to feel your face.

3) Weatherproof boots - I'm not a fan of Hunters but if they work, they work. You need something that not only stands rain but snow (i.e. has a good grip on the bottom and preferably with some insulation).

4) Thermal socks - To go in hand with the boots. If your boots get wet then your socks get wet and it's not pleasant. It will keep you from having to wear double pairs.

5) Metrocard - Sounds simple enough. I would get the kind of card you'd refill but boy was it horrifying to see me fill it up with 20 bucks every week. The unlimited is worth the investment because you can use it for all modes of transportation and you can even get discounts on restaurants and museums. Find out more here.

6) Subway map - Either download an app or be old school and get a wallet size one. I'm just finally figuring out the subways (after 4 years!) so don't feel overwhelmed that you don't understand... it's complicated.

7) Flannel sheets - You're going to need at least two different bed settings: winter and summer. Unless you plan on running the AC all summer (I like to avoid the bill). Be prepared to have flannel sheets and down comforters for the winter and cotton sheets for the summer.

8) Scarf collection - You are going to build up quite the hat, gloves and scarf collection. You don't want to wear the same scarf every day so you need multiples and when it's cold at least 6 months of the years... you should really invest.

9) Sturdy hangers - Those wimpy wire hangers aren't going to hold up your winter coats!

10) A good lotion - The cold weather can be brutal on your skin. Keep it moisturized with a heavy duty lotion. I prefer Clinique's Body Butter.

Anything else you think should be added to the list?

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  1. spot on. i brought one scarf to nyc and left with at least 10 ;)

  2. Brr I'm just getting cold thinking about the snow you guys get. But I'm sure it's beautiful!

  3. having lived in NYC, SF and now Chicago, i'd add:

    -a big bag: i end up carrying all sorts of stuff with me and it makes life and shopping a lot easier. especially if you are sans car, which so many NYC dwellers are...i particularly like tote bags with shorter straps that fit up closer to my armpit, it makes me feel like my stuff is more secure.

    -good, cute, comfortable shoes and boots. the heels and whatnot are cute but if you're footing it everywhere your feet and body will thank you.

    -an iphone or other similar smartphone. can include the subway map you mentioned but also make use of the maps app, yelp, even the compass. short of that, a little cheap compass can help acclimate you if you come up out of the subway in manhattan and are totally confuggled. :)

    -a couple good coats and a couple good jackets. more than one so you don't get totally disgusted with wearing the same one over and over all fall/winter/spring long. :)

  4. what a great list! i know so many people that could use this in preparation! i wish i would have had one before my move to wisconsin. i would think in NY, comfy shoes are must!

    PS saw your tweets at the canvas event!-- i work for LE, thought it was so cool that they made wisconsin themed goodie bags ;)

  5. @NodtoStyle- haha I'm getting up there!

    @Fashion by Alicia- Thanks :)

    @Leann- haha it's nice to look at but not for commuting in :/ But yes when I'm in Cali for Christmas, it just doesn't feel like Christmas without the snow

    @britsandbobbins- Aw love SF! Yes def a heavy duty, oversized bag. Well yes I'd assume everyone has some kind of cell phone and winter coats hehe

    @la petite fashionista- Definitely! You should make a Wisconsin list :) Oh awesome - it was a really great event... post up tonight!

  6. I will be moving to NY come August from california. Thank you so much for making this list it will come in very handy!

  7. Aw I'm glad I could help! Although I originally grew up in Jersey, I was moving from LA --> NYC a few years ago myself :)

  8. Thanks for the list! I'm starting grad school at NYU steinhardt in the fall, and I'm making the move from SC. Prepping for cold weather is going to be the biggest adjustment for me!

  9. @Ashley West Oh Awesome! GO NYU! I'm currently studying at the SCPS school. Feel free to email me if you have any questions :)


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