October 6, 2011

Shop To Raise Awareness For Breast Cancer

October is Breast Cancer Awareness month. Sadly,  many of us know someone who has been affected by the disease. I know two. One was a girl I attended High School with who passed away from the disease at a very young age. The second, is my aunt-in-law who recently had a double mastectomy, but luckily beat the disease. Many companies release limited edition 'Pink Ribbon' products that will raise funds for the Susan G. Komen foundation (or other breast cancer awareness foundations). Here is a shopping list I've compiled:

Even the phenomenon, Snuggie, is getting in on the action with a limited edition pink snuggie for $20.

How adorable are these rubber duckies from Oriental Trading for $6 per dozen.

FirsTime "Courage" clock available at Kohl's for $9.99.

Estee Lauder always has pink related product. I'm loving this Elizabeth Hurley lipstick collection because you get a cute clutch bag for $24 at Nordstroms.


O.P.I is tapping into the shatter trend with "Pink Shatter: Pink of Hearts." It is available for $8.50.

Tweezerman are some of the best tweezers out there and these help a great cause for under $30.

Payless is offering a set of earrings for just $2 to help the cause.

Will you be shopping pink?


  1. I love how so many companies get involved for BCAM! I was going to put up a post about it for next week as well. I'll definitely link back.


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