October 17, 2011

Review: Claire's Gel Nail Stickers

I saw these gel nail stickers in Claire's and of course had to try them - they were leopard print! I only wanted to bust them out for something fancy and my friend's bachelorette party was the perfect occasion (pics to come).

12 stickers come in the package - some were odd sizes. They are raised up gel appliques that are easy to apply. And they were just $7 so I wasn't too sure what to expect.

Since they are clear, I opted for a nude color as my base to help bring out the leopard print.

Some of the appliques were too long for my nail so I tried to file them down like Sally Hansen stickers, but it wasn't as easy.

Overall, I liked the look of them. I got lots of compliments throughout the night.

- Easy to apply
- Cheaper than Sally Hansen
- Since it is clear, you can use your own color to bring out the pattern

- Leaves residue after removing
- Doesn't last as long as Sally Hansen
- Can only wear once
- Not easy to trim down if they are too long for your nail

Would I buy them again? Sure, for some fun event.


  1. Very cute! I love leopard, so this is awesome. Sucks you can't file them down easily though...what were they thinking?

  2. love this style. amazing review. I hope you had an amazing weekend, love. Thanks for sharing. I attended a store launch party in Vegas this weekend, love if you'd check out the post. xo


  3. Sooo cute, but it sucks they Aren't that great.

  4. @Ashley- haha I don't know - they would be so much better!

    @Fash Boulevard- Thanks :)

    @Style me bad- Yeah but I guess you get what you pay for


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