October 10, 2011

National Coming Out Day!

Today is National Coming Out Day! It is such an important day for the LGBT community because it shows such strength to "come out" to your friends and family. There is much debate about why one should or shouldn't come out. However, the reason for it is so that more people can know someone who is gay and then stand as an ally for their rights. I wrote a post last year about my friend who came out to me.

When 20% of homeless kids are gay, it shocks you that a family would turn away their own child. To me, it is such a simple concept - we are all humans. We all deserve equal rights and to be treated with respect. I'm so proud that New York (finally!) passed gay marriage, now we just need the other 43 states to get on board.

L-R: Pippa, Elodie, Layla, Perrie, and Breezi

I stand as a gay ally and to show my pride today, I'm wearing a Zoya rainbow on my nails.

How will you be showing your support today?

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  1. Love love love it!! Yay for GAY PRIDE!!

  2. Awesome nails! Happy NCOD! :)


  3. Love how you're showing your support! That mani rocks!


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