October 21, 2011

My New Shearling Booties From Zappos

Shearling is a big trend for fall and I never thought I'd get into it but these booties from Zappos looked so cute - I had to get them.

Now I wear them practically everyday! (Last seen in BDIB) They are super comfy and warm. I've gotten many comments from the fam. P.S. Yes most of my shoes are from Zappos (lol!).

Would you wear shearling booties?


  1. cute! but somehow they remind me of those workboots you had- a LONG time ago... not sure why.

  2. These boots are cute! I haven't got any shearling boots but I would definitely like some :)

  3. They look amazing. They'd be perfect for the winter.

  4. hehe the sherlings! DEFINATELY big things this fal ;) BEAUTIFUL pair you've managed to snaffle up hun. Looking forward to seeing how you style them now! =D


  5. these are MAJORLY cute! I'm going to investigate further (ie check out the price: a florida gal can only spend so much on boots this time of year, haha).

  6. I need a pair of these for winter!

  7. They look incredibly comfortable! Great pick. :-)


We all have opinions... I want to hear yours!

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