October 4, 2011

Mission: Arm Candy

Blogger, Atlantic-Pacific, does it really well

I'm really into this "arm candy" trend lately and have been on a mission to up my arm candy game. I like when the bracelets look thrown on, without thought. Different sizes, different metals, some chunky, some small. Rather than them being all the same or all gold. Catch my drift? 

To complete my mission, I purchased 3 bracelets this past month!

This studded wrap bracelet is from Bauble Bar who is aiding the arm candy addiction.

I got these from Handbags.com with a $25 Klout perk!

This chain link bracelet is from the Gap! I was instantly drawn to it when I walked into the store. It wasn't available online but here's a similar one.

All together now! Don't mind my Birchbox friendship bracelet. I've been wearing it every day so it's a bit beaten up.

Are you into the arm candy trend?


  1. Love!!!! BaubleBar is such a guilty pleasure!! I love how your bracelets look stacked together :)

  2. I love arm candy!! I have trouble finding bracelets to fit my tiny wrists but I really want all three of the ones you have. I might have to bite your style!! haha


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