October 15, 2011

Kreativ Blogger Award!

Downtown Chicago Barbie graciously passed this award onto me. With this award I have to fill out the following about myself:
  • Name your favorite song: There's so many I could list. One of my favorite love songs is "Stand By Me" by Ben E. King
  • Name your favorite dessert: Anything chocolate
  • What pisses you off: Slow walking tourists on the streets, ignorant people
  • When you're upset, you: Hide away from everyone
  • Your favorite pet: My first ever dog, Buster, was a family member. He passed away 3 years ago at 16. He'll always be my favorite!
  • Black or white: Black
  • Your biggest fear: CLOWNS!
  • Best feature: My eyes
  • Everyday attitude: Be grateful for every day
  • What is perfection: No such thing
  • Guilty pleasure: Jersey Shore :)


  1. Thanks for filling this out. I would just be a mess if my dog died. Clowns still scare me.

  2. Loved reading this. I hate slow walking people with a passion as well. Especially when they're either holding hands or walking in the middle.

    And I love your Everyday attitude.

  3. Ugh! Slow walking tourists and clowns! I shudder at the thought.


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