October 23, 2011

I-Ella.com's 4Aces Shopping Event

I haven't been to a blogger event in ages! I was invited to an I-ELLA.com shopping event hosted by the ladies of 4Aces, a blogazine, where we could shop the closets of New York celebrities. I had never heard of I-Ella before but it is a pretty amazing site. You can sell and shop people's closets online and 10% of the purchase goes towards the charity of your choice.

How gorgeous is this jacket?

A wall of shoes!

They were recently feature in InStyle's November issue in their Best of the Web, which I happened to have at home so I snapped a picture of it.

I chatted with Nydia Charles who is a (very pregnant) jewelry designer of her own namesake collection. She makes all the pieces herself and orders custom beads from India. She also names all her necklaces after cocktails like "Tequila Sunrise." Check out her collection on I-ELLA!

There were cards on the table with "5 Rules to a Better Closet" that I think are good rules to follow:

1. Edit your closet each Fall and Spring.
2. If you haven't worn it in a year, its time to sell, swap or donate. (I follow this rule!)
3. If it doesn't fit, let someone else benefit. 
4. Invest in the basics. Good quality basics, that is.
5. When you share your closet at I-ELLA.com, you're really giving back.

Have you ever shopped I-ELLA.com?


  1. Looks like such an awesome event. Have to check out the i-Ella site :-D

  2. Sound like fun and the stuff looks awesome especially the shoes!

  3. I need to check out this site because i have a lot of stuff in my closet i need to get rid of and proceeds going to charity is great!!

  4. whaaaaat?!?! so many wonderful things going on the internet as of late! gawsh makes me so happy! going to check this out for sure!

  5. Do they check the authenticity of the bags before the sellers post them?


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