October 23, 2011

Great Reads of the Week

Here's a list of posts I enjoyed reading this week:

- Bachman's Sparrow shares 5 creative ways to indulge in pumpkin - yum!

- By Anika says being imperfect makes her feel imperfect - AMEN!

- Dreaming Spires tells us 10 reasons why she dresses up every day - we all should

- Dress With Courage writes how if we really put our minds to something what amazing things can occur!

I'm finally attending some blogger events this weekend - haven't been to one since Fashion Week. Miss you all! What are your weekend plans?


  1. Thanks sweets!

    Have fun at the meet up! I am going dancing tonight at this regular clubbing event called Fucking up your Monday lol Hugs!

  2. I absolutely loved MJ's post - definitely the best blog article I've read this week I think.


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