October 30, 2011

CityFabric's 'Wear You Live' Tee

My sister introduced me to this Kickstarter by CityFabric to show Wear You Live. Their goal is to get people talking about their community. They make tees, tote bags, and even pillow cases. They were really cool about updating us on the progress. They would send emails of photos of the shipping warehouse saying "600 more orders going out!" I really felt a part of the company.

Depending on how much money you pledge, you get certain items. I pledged $25 so I got a tee and the basics, which include stickers and a pin.

They started project in Raleigh but everyone was asking about the shirts so they decided to expand. They are available in 12 cities but of course I chose Manhattan. I told them what part of the city I lived and they created a map.

I love the t-shirt! It's so soft and I love that it is personalized. Very few people will have this t-shirt which I love and I'm sure it will be a conversation piece.

You get a sneak peek at my Halloween nails which will be posted about tomorrow!

Get 20% off your purchase with the code "KICKOFF20"


  1. What a brilliant idea! And the shirt is cute!!

  2. Damn I would totally get one if they had Queens, oh well

  3. That really is a cute, unique t-shirt - love it!

  4. I'm buying this!! Hmmmm....I wonder if Michigan is on the list??


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