September 8, 2011

Jason Troisi Collection Fashion Show

 Jason Troisi of Project Runway fame held his Sprint/Summer 2012 in Hell's Kitchen at Exit Art. The space was very bare with high ceilings, white walls and white benches to sit on. The show was titled "The Experiment" and was said to be "a series of tests to give us solid proof" and was described as Mr. Troisi's dream. The show was split into three acts.

Act 1 was titled "Sub terrain" and began with a subway running along the back. There was lots of implied mud through the use of leather. The models all mostly had long ponytails with colored extensions.

The red dress looked great against her red hair

This model was so badass

The second act was titled "The Marshlands" with an image green hills. The first model came out in a head to toe weaved suit that aptly named the "Android Suit" and shocked the crowd. There was a lot of sheer in the collection.

The third and final act was titled "The House" and began with the atomic bomb going off and then ending with a stereotypical suburbia house. There were many magnificent skirts.

Very ladylike

Loved this look!

The closing of the show:

I was really impressed with the creativity of the collection, having the different acts and the use of ethnic models which isn't seen that often. I attended with fellow blogger Nicole of Style Me BAD after being at IFB all day (so don't mind the tired look).

Nicole and I

What do you think of the collection?


  1. Love his artistic style... I like the edgy looks. :)

  2. nice blog1 :) if you want we can follow each others! :)


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