September 24, 2011

Great Reads of the Week

Here is a round up of posts I enjoyed reading this week:

- Dramatis Personae breaks down the steps to self-pampering all while showing screen shots from one my favorite movies "Earth Girls Are Easy"!

- Ashley4Emergy shows us how to DIY glitter heels!

- La Dolce Vita talks about the power of positive thinking.

- Dress With Courage shares the sacrifices women make for beauty.

Today is my mom's birthday so they are in the city to see a play. Then tomorrow we are going to check out Eatly. What are your weekend plans?


  1. love this feature! thanks for the finds.

  2. Lady, your comment THRILLED me. Earth Girls is one of my favorite movies too, so I was pumped to hear it was one of your favs too!

  3. Happy birthday to your mother! Hope she has a great day!


  4. hope you're having a fun day at Eatly! going to check out those DIY glitter heels.


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